Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lighted wine bottles Deco Teeny,teeny bulbs

Lighted wine bottle & Deco Bulbs

Designing lighted wine or whiskey bottles is a great and enjoyable craft and very often can generate a little extra money.  Very often an eye-catching attraction to a lighted wine bottle is the warm glow of the lights that come from the bottle.  At one time I would use a string of 35 multi-colored incandescent standards Christmas type light bulbs placed inside a regular size wine bottle. They had an attractive effect.  However, I soon found out the in a very short time the lighted wine bottles became too hot to touch. A major concern to those selling lighted wine bottle at their local craft show was some child or adult would be startled when touching the bottle which could cause an injure of some kind. I often through that there would be some liability on my part when selling bottles that got too hot to touch.

I am now much more comfortable using Darice’s Deco Teey,teeny bright bulbs.


To find out more about using Darice Deco light bulbs  try google search.