Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to drill hole in wine bottles

How to Drill Holes in Bottles Step-by-Step Instructions. Wear safety glasses when drilling glass bottles or glass blocks Select a Glass Bottle. Wine bottles Whiskey bottles Glass Blocks Mason Jars Food jars Select a good quality diamond drill bit. 3/8 inch. Recommended when inserting DECO Teeny,Teeny Bulbs ½ inch Recommended when inserting DECO Teeny,Teeny bulbs, Deco 4mm Rich bulbs or Standard Christmas lights. 5/8 inch Recommended for above size lights,( the larger hole makes inserting the bulbs a little Easier. ¾ inch Recommended for inserting Larger LED type bulbs . Select a spot on the back of bottle to drill hole. Approx. 1 inch from bottom and in center of bottle. Do you want to save label on bottle? If so. Firmly place label side down on a soft towel. Use “silly Putty” to form a do-nut. Firmly press putty do-nut on back of bottle, fill with water. Place bottle on towel in a plastic box . If using a drill press slowly touch and go. Up & down every few seconds. If using a hand held drill motor you want to place your diamond bit on a slight angel to start the cut. Bring straight up with touch n’ go. When you sense that you are about to break thru use a very light Down pressure. Rinse out your bottle and let dry .