Saturday, May 30, 2015

The problem with stardard Christmas lights in your wine bottle lamp

The major issue with using the standard string of Christmas lights  in your wine bottle is the high heat that the lights generate. If you use a string of thirty five lights the bottle will be too hot to touch.  Maybe not so hot that it will burn your fingers, but quit warm. The longer you leave the lights on the warmer your wine bottle will be. It could be a safety issue if you sell your lighted wine bottles  and someone picked it up and was startled and dropped it. You may want to check to see just how hot a wine bottle can get depending on how many strings lights you inserted. It may surprise you. What about using LED string lights? LED string lights are brighter and burn much, much cooler. They will last longer and will not cause your lighted wine bottle to get too hot. I prefer using LED lights in my wine bottles that I sell or make as gifts. They have one major problem. A string of twenty LED colored or clear lights cost about three or four times as much as a string of standard Christmas Lights. The extra cost makes selling your lighted wine bottles a little more difficult due to the higher price you will need to charge. Have to tried teeny or rice lights?

Rice or teeny lights are very bright and also burn very cool. They are much smaller but give off plenty of bright light for your bottle. They often come in a count of 20 and can be found in most hobby or crafts stores. You can use Google search to find your local craft store as well as to check price. Your comments are always welcome.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jewelry designers


Attentions Jewelry Designers

These diamond coated drill bits are the most popular size used by Jewelry artist for drilling sea glass, beach stones, semi-precious stones, ceramics and stained glass.

              These are excellent quality diamond mini drill bits at a fair price.

These mini diamond bits can be uses in any Dremel-type rotary tool with a 3.32” collet

Included with purchase are a few tips and instructions that I wrote that you may find of help.

We recommend these excellent quality diamond mini drill bits to help get you started Designing your own jewelry
Jewelry designing is one of the most popular crafts as you will notice at any craft show. Jewelry booths out number all others. Both men and women are enjoying this craft. Designing jewelry from natural beach stones & sea glass is a growing trend. It seem that many like the looks of natural material. It's fun to walk the shore line to find sea glass and other unusual sea shells or beautiful stones that can with your imagination creative a profitable piece of unusual Jewelry.  
Why not give it a try.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Titanium Diamond drill bits

I have been selling 1mm titanium diamond drill bits with a 1/8 inch shanks for the last 4 or 5 months. During that short time it has become a very popular with jewelry designers. The feedback has been very positive. Many crafters like the 1mm (1/8” ) shank.

Titanium diamond bits are made with a premium grade of diamond sand which makes these

Diamond bits a much better quality and should cut a little faster than ordinary burrs.


The 3mm (1/8 inch) shank will fit any hand drill, drill press or your DremeR  or ForedomR  rotary tool

With a 3/8” collet.  Overall length is approx.. 1 5/8 inch. Diamond grit 100 (medium)


The only problem I have is that they are only manufactured in the 1mm size.  Perhaps at a later time

They will be available in a wider variety of sizes as I feel the titanium diamond bits are better quality.


I should mention that I have available a set of 30 titanium burrs all with a 1/8 inch shank. This set is also

very popular with jewelry designers.  This set has a nice selection of burrs/points. 


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