Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Incense bottle how to make incense smoker bottles

You will need a diamond drill bit to drill a vent hole in a incense bottle. Incense bottles are a very unique item. They are used for aroma therapy or most often for providing a pleasant atmosphere in your home.They are very easy and fun to make.All you need is a bottle ,a drill motor and most important a diamond drill bit also called a hole saw. A 3/8 inch diamond drill bit will work just fine,

You need to select a bottle that is about 12 inches tall.Wine bottles, tall flower vases or maybe a olive oil bottle. You can use your imagination to find unusual bottle shapes. You bottle needs to be tall enough so that the incense sticks can be placed inside the bottle without it touching the bottom

Many incense bottle craters buy bottle at wholesale and paint the inside.I have not tried painting the inside of a bottle. I would like to learn how this is done.

You should place your vent hole or draft hole about 2 inches above the bottom of your bottle. One or two vent holes would give your bottle enough draft so that the smoke will swirl out of the top.

As you know diamond drill bits always need to be lubricated with water.Here is how I drill my holes in most glass bottles. You can use some Silly Putty to make a do-nut.Place the do-nut where you