Friday, March 22, 2013


Drill holes in glass blocks or wine bottle with diamond drill bits with a hand held drill motor.

How to Drill the Hole.
Before you start to drill the hole you should use some Silly Putty to form a donut. Place the donut over the spot where you want to drill the hole. On a glass block I find a place just off the center line where the two halves of the block are joined. Fill the donut hole with water... During the cutting process the bit will begin to heat up. Make sure the hole in the donut is full of water. Have a little cup of water nearby in case you need to add a little water. Place your wine bottle or glass block on old towel and position between your feet on a hard cement floor. See if you can start drilling by tipping the drill bit a little on its edge you will have to apply a little pressure to get your drill bit to starting cutting. Once it start to cut you can than bring it straight up Remember; Diamond coated drill bits can heat up very quickly. Pump your drill up and down every few seconds. Drilling the hole will take a few minutes because it is difficult to drill through thick glass. Glass blocks are manufactured with a slight vacuum inside. You will often hear a slight hiss when the drill bit breaks through. Wash the glass block inside and out to get the glass dust out of the block. Let it dry before you start to decorate. Remember you don’t need a lot of downward pressure. Set your drill motor at low speed. To learn more about drilling glass block or wine bottle go to google search.

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