Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making a whisky bottle table lamp with a 3-terminal light socket


The most popular lighted wine or whiskey bottle lamps are bottle table lamps with a lamp shade and a 3-terminal, 2 circuit light socket. Bottle table lamps are more functional because they can be used as an accent lamp that looks great in any room of the house, family room, den, Kitchen. Turn on just the teeny lights in the bottle only and you now have a night lights for the bedroom or bathroom. A 3-terminal,2 circuit light socket allows you to turn on the bottle lights only, turn on the top bulb only or turn on both the bottle lights and the top lights. How do that?

You will need to purchase a 3-terminal,2 circuit socket. A string of lights, I recommend using a string of 20 or 35 Teeny rice lights. Find a wine or liquor bottle and pick out a lamp shade that will give an accent to the room where you will place the lamp. Here are the directions for wiring the socket only.

Your light socket will have a brass terminal on one side and a silver terminal on the other side. In the middle is an additional terminal. Secure one wire from the lamp cord to the brass screw. One wire from the string of lights and the other lamp cord wire to the silver screw. The other wire from the rice lights is attached to the middle screw. Make sure all connections are secure . You can contact me at  at any time.


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