Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 What Size Diamond Drill Bits is Best For Wine bottles & Glass Blocks

Over the last several years that I have been selling diamond drill bits, I have found that the 5/8 inch diamond bit and the ½ inch drill bit have become the most popular with wine bottle drillers. At one time many wine bottle drillers use a ¾ inch diamond drill bit. The ¾ inch was larger than necessary and was a little unsightly. The half inch hole is a little small and just a little harder to insert the string of Christmas lights. The 5/8 inch hole makes it just a little easier to push in the mini lights.  Lighted wine bottles, lighted whiskey lamps or beer bottle lights are unique and make an excellent accent for any room in the house. They have been a very popular craft item at craft and art shows. You can find a wide variety of lighted wine bottles on e-bay or esty. You can use Google custom search to learn more about how to use diamond drill bits to drill holes in any bottle or glass block. Drill bits diamond coated are not all that expense. You can click on my page  “ for sale.”
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