Sunday, September 29, 2013

4mm craft lights Many wine bottle light crafters are starting to use Deco teeny bright bulbs and the decolights 4mm bulbs. I find that the teeny bright bulbs burn very bright and last longer and most important they don't cause your wine bottle to get too hot. I also like the fact that the teeny bulbs will slide thou a 3/8 inch hole. 3/8 inch grommets are available which is a little safety for the lamp cord and it gives your bottle finished look.Deco teeny bulbs come in multi color as well as clear. I also use the Deco 4mm rice bulbs which are a littler larger but still much smaller then the regular Christmas tree strands that are commonly used by lighted bottle makers. The 4mm bulbs also burn bright and burn very cool. The 20 count strands provide a good balance of lights inside a standard wine bottle. Teeny bright lights or the 4mm rice bulbs will enhance your floral& craft designs . The smaller size makes them perfect for showcasing cherished collectables as well as dollhouse and many other craft projects. Lighted wine bottle artist may want to try them . I think you will be pleas G. starkey
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