Wednesday, February 26, 2014



      DECO  super bright Teeny bulbs.


Accent your glass blocks or wine bottles with DECO ornamental lights.


Use DecoLights  to add a decorative luminescence to any of your glass blocks or lighted wine bottle creations. Deco Teeny bulbs burn super bright and much,much cooler. One of the major concerns was when inserting standard Christmas incandescent lights that the bottles often got way to hot. DECO Teeny,Teeny bulbs and the Deco 4mm bulbs burn cooler.

Deco Teeny are ideal for enhancing your smaller floral & craft designs . They are perfect for showcasing miniature trees,wreaths,dollhouses, garlands  and lighted wine bottles.


. 20 teeny bulbs on 5 ft. wire

. Bulbs remain lit even if one burns out.

.120 volt pug-in/safety fuse


For indoor use only

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