Thursday, March 12, 2015

Drill Master Rotary Tool set

I am often asked if my mini diamond drill bits specially selected for drilling sea glass or semi-precious stone will work with a standard electric drill motor, usually not. Most standard drill motors do not have enough RPM. The most popular and best known rotary drill motor is DREMEL. However, The Drill Master Rotary Tool Set is a great alternative at much lower price. You can buy a Drill Master 80 piece Rotary Tool Set for under $20.00 bucks.

The one concern you may have is that this rotary drill motor does not have a variable speed selections. It has one setting at 16,000 RPM. This setting is adequate for jewelry artist, hobbyists and  general handyman use. A big plus is that Drill Master Rotary Tools Set comes with 80 piece set of all the accessories that you would need. Following is a more complete descriptions


New Drill Master Rotary Tool Kit + 80 Piece Accessories
Fits Dremel
My Drill Master 80 piece rotary tool kit includes accessories that are perfect for cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening and drilling on all kinds of projects! 
The rotary tool has a spindle lock to easily change the collet and a has 16,000 max RPM. This versatile kit is a perfect set for any hobbyist, woodworker or handyman to help finish the project!

Uses: cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening, and drilling and more!

Has a spindle lock for easy collet changes!
Rocker style on/off switch

1mm, 3mm, 3/32", 1/8" collets

16,000 RPM
0.7 Amps/ 120 ACV  (for countries that do not use 120 AC Volts, you must use an adapter).
Cord length  3 ft. 2in.
This rotary tool kit is intended for light projects. Please see my other rotary tools for more of a heavy duty rotary tool. Thank you!

Accessories Included (1) Mandrel for cutoff wheels, (4) Polishing cloth wheels, (1) Mandrel for polishing cloths, (1) Carbide burr, (4) Drill bits, (4) Piece collet set, (2) Sanding drum wheels, (4) Sanding drum sleeves, (1) Mounted nylon brush, (2) Wire brush wheels (steel and brass), (1) Grinding stone, (10) Aluminum oxide mounted grinding stones, (25) Cutoff wheel discs with mandrel, (20) diamond burr bits.
Drill Master Rotary Tool Kit + 80 Piece Accessories
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