Friday, January 1, 2016

incense bottles bottle smokers incense

How to make a Incense Bottle Smoker Use a 3/8 inch Diamond drill bit for a vent hole in your Incense bottle Incense bottles or incense smokers are a very unique craft item. They sell at craft show between ten and twenty dollars. They are used for aromatherapy. Many use incense bottles smoker instead of air wicks in their homes. They are very easy to make. All you need is a bottle so some kind, a drill motor and most important, a good quality diamond coated drill bit. A 3/8 inch diamond bit will work just fine. You need to select a bottle that is about 12 inches high. Tell enough so that your incense stick can be placed in the bottle without touching the bottom. Many incense bottle artist buy bottle at wholesale. They often will use clear bottles and paint a design on the outside or a swirl on color on the inside. I have seen a wide variety of different shaped bottles used. Small flower vases, vinegar bottle, olive oil bottle, just about any tall, thin shaped bottle that you can find.
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