Monday, March 3, 2014

A Visit To Michaels

I often visit Michaels craft store just to see what is new. I am
especially interested in what may be the hot craft for the coming Craft Season. I was surprised to see on display several decorated lighted glass blocks. Can you believe the price? The sales price was $49.99. This was for the 8x8 inch glass block. The double glass block with a 6x6 inch on top was selling for $79.99. They were beautifully done and yet very simple. What made them eye catching was that the lights and ribbon complemented each other. Another special feature was that the block was filled with glass marbles that also blended in with the color of the ribbon and lights. They all were very pretty and attractive.
You may have noticed that glass blocks available at craft stores all have a large opening in the bottom of the block. This larger opening makes it much easier to insert your lights and add colored glass marbles which surrounds the string of mini-lights. This has a very nice effect. These manufactured glass blocks at Michael’s cost a lot more than they would at a builder supply store. An 8x8 inch block at Michaels will cost you about $16.00 dollars.
An alternative would be to drill a 1 inch hole in bottom of your block. This size hole should allow you to insert your string of lights along with any decorative glass beads or stone. You can find a plastic hole plug that will fit that size hole at most hardware stores. Drill a small hole in the center than slit it and slid it around the wire. Lighted glass blocks have been very popular for a number of years now. Lighted glass blocks usually follow a theme. Holiday Christmas decorations are very popular. Sports themes and baby themes are also very popular. You will have to visit some of the internet sites such as, and to get a good idea of what lighted glass blocks artist are designing.  Spend some time using Google search to find interesting sites and information.

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