Saturday, March 1, 2014

Make a lighted wine bottle

A quick summary for making your lighted wine bottle

Drill a 3/8 inch hole in the back of your wine bottle about 1 inch from the bottom.  

Use “Silly Putty” as suggested in Instruction booklet (Your diamond drill bit will drill quite a few bottle if used as directed)


Thread Deco bulbs through plastic grommet. Insert bulbs into bottle (see Tips for inserting Deco Teeny lights in Your Bottle) Push snap-in grommet into hole.


     This lighted wine bottle kit is designed for Deco teeny,teeny bulbs requiring a 3/8 inch hole. Deco Teeny,teeny bulbs are available in the following:

      20 count clear bulbs white wire

      20 count multi color green wire

      20 count clear Brown wire

      20 count multi color green wire 


I also have available:

      Deco 20 count clear mini LED’s  (4mm, about the size of a small bean) on white wire

      Deco 20 count multi-color (4mm) on green wire.


Wine Bottle Lamp Kits with the mini LED’s come with a ½ inch diamond drill bit, “Silly Putty” and a ½ inch black plastic snap-in grommet.


Both the Teeny,Teeny bulbs and the LED 4mm bulbs have become very popular with Lighted wine bottle artist. They last longer and burn much cooler. Drilling a 3/8 inch or a ½ inch hole is a little easier and the availability  of snap-in grommet gives your bottle a nice appearance.



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