Saturday, December 13, 2014

$125.00 dollar whiskey bottle lamps


$125.00 whiskey bottle lamp


$125.00 was the lowest price I seen for a BayRum whiskey bottle lamp. The top price was $149.00 for a similar bottle lamp. Where was this?


Several weeks ago I attended a Tampa Bay area outdoor Art show. This was not an Arts & Craft Show that we are all familiar with. This was a rather high end juried Art show with lots of jewelry, Paintings, etc.. I would guess that there were about a 100 or more artist displaying their art work. The one booth that caught my eye was an artist displaying Lighted Whiskey Bottle Lamps. I could not believe the price she was asking for her Whiskey Bottle Lamps. Most often lighted wine or whiskey bottle lamps sell between $25.00 and $40.00. Keep in mind that this was a juried show with small rental space at $450.00 for the two day weekend show.

I spoke briefly with the artist. She was pleased with the show and said that she had sold eight whiskey bottle lamps. She sold only whiskey bottle lamp and did not show any wine lighted wine bottles.

What made here whiskey bottle lamps so attractive was that they were mounted on top of wooden cigar boxes. The cigar boxes made an eye catching solid base for here lamps. The lamp shade often would complement the color on the cigar box label. The lamp socket was a push threw 3-way light socket. A white lamp cord went up from the cigar box to the socket. Her lamps had not additional decorations on them.

I enjoyed visiting for a short time with the whiskey bottle lamp artist and was impressed with here work.


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