Sunday, December 14, 2014

directions for making a bottle lamp


Directions for making your Bottle Lamp


 Drill hole in bottle using 3/8” Diamond drill bit. (for Deco Teeny,teeny bulbs)

 Rinse bottle and dry thoroughly

 Place plastic snap-in grommet on lamp cord.

 Feed lamp cord through drilled hole towards bottle neck. Push plastic grommet in drilled hole.

 Pull cord approx. 15” past top of bottle and tie a knot in cord. Pull cord back            through bottle until knot is about 1 inch from grommet inside bottle. You should have approx. 2” of wire at top of bottle.

Insert Deco Teeny,Teeny bulbs through top of bottle. Terminal end down. Cut end should extend about 2” from top of bottle.

Carefully feed lamp cord wires and Deco lights wires through threaded nipple/adapter.

Carefully insert nipple/rubber adapter into bottle .Bottle adapter should be flush with top of bottle. Check to see if rubber adapter fits firmly in neck of bottle.  If too lose you will have to compress the adaptor to enlarge it. Hold the bottom nut with a wrench and tighten down top nut. It should not fit supper tight as you may have to take it out if it is not a good fit.

Again, Feed lamp cord and light wires through nipple/adapter and now insert into bottle. If a little tight add a few drops of soap. If using a harp  place it  on top of brass check  ring, add hex nut and  Tighten.

Run lamp cord and light wires through socket base and screw on to nipple.

Wiring the 3 terminal socket.  The ribbed wire from the lamp cord is connected to the Brass screw, the other lamp cord wire and one Deco  light wire are connected to the silver  screw, and the other Deco  light wire is connected to the black screw. (Make   sure all wires are secured). Carefully slide socket shell over socket base and  click into place.

Use a 15 watt max. Bulb. (Insert socket reducer if using a candelabra type bulb).




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