Monday, December 2, 2013

How to make a Bell Mason Jar lamp

If you have ever visited a country store or antique mall you may have seen lots of old Bell Mason or Kerr canning jars. There is a certain charm to them and we love to reminisce and recall the canning days at grandma’s house. We are all very familiar with both bell mason and Kerr canning jars and that makes them somewhat attractive to imitative crafters.  They make charming, rustic country table lamps with them. Mason and Kerr canning jars  lamps eye catching and unique because they can display a wide verity of collectibles such as sea shells, beans, buttons, beach stones, marbles  or any others item that you can think of. If you were to use Google Search you will find lots of canning jar lamps for sell. However:   Why not make one yourself?.. They are rather easy to make and you can find Mason or Kerr canning jars at any garage sale, county store or you can use new canning jars that are available at any supermarket. Again, use Google Search to find a source for canning jar lamp socket adopters. You can also find them at your local hardware store. You will notice that most of the canning jar socket adopter uses a standard light socket with the lamp cord coming out of the socket base. I don’t partially like that style as it leaves the lamp cord hanging down the side of the  lamp. I would rather buy a 3/8 inch diamond drill bits and drill a hole near the bottom of the canning jar and insert the lamp cord from the bottom. As far as the lamp light socket goes, You can use a standard socket with a push threw off & on switch or if you want to insert lights inside the mason jar as well a light on top, you can use a two circuit, 3 terminal light socket. This socket gives you the ability to turn on the inside the jar lights only or the top light only, or turn on both. Making your very own Mason Canning Jar lamp is a fun craft and I am sure you would enjoy this craft
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