Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to make a Incense Bottle Smoker

Use a 3/8 inch Diamond drill bit for a vent hole in your Incense bottle


Incense bottles or incense smokers are a very unique craft item. They sell at craft show between ten and twenty dollars.  They are used for aromatherapy. Many use incense bottles smoker instead of air wicks in their homes. They are very easy to make. All you need is a bottle so some kind, a drill motor and most important, a good quality diamond coated drill bit.  A 3/8 inch diamond bit will work just fine. You need to select a bottle that is about 12 inches high. Tell enough so that your incense stick can be placed in the bottle without touching the bottom. Many incense bottle artist buy bottle at wholesale.  They often will use clear bottles and paint a design on the outside or a swirl on color on the inside. I have seen a wide variety of different shaped bottles used. Small flower vases, vinegar bottle, olive oil bottle, just about any tall, thin shaped bottle that you can find.

You should place your 3/8 inch vent whole about two inches off the bottom of the bottle. I have seen incense bottles with only one vent hole and some with two or three holes.

Drilling the hole.

You need a good quality 3/8 inch diamond drill bit. You always need to keep the tip of your diamond drill bit cool using plane water.  You can use some silly putty or plumbers putty to make a little donut. Place the donut where you want to place you vent holes. Keep the donut full of water. Start your drill slow and on a slight angle to get your bit to bite. Bring your drill diamond bit straight up and use a touch n’ go drilling motion. Do not use a steady downward pressure. Lift your diamond bit out of the hole every few seconds to be sure that water is always in   it.  It will take just a minute or two to drill through depending on how thick the glass bottle is. Rinse out your bottle and let it dry. That’s all there is to it. You will find it easy and fun to do. Place your incense stick on a small key ring. Light and place inside the bottle.  You will soon see a swirl of smoke coming out of the top. Empty out the ash every so often. . Incense bottle or incense smokers could earn you a little extra money at your next craft show. You can also use a 3/8 inch diamond drill bits to drill holes in wine bottles. I like inserting DECO Teeny,teeny bulbs in my lighted wine bottles.  They burn very bright and most important they burn much cooler. Usually a string of 35 standard Christmas lights will cause your lighted wine bottle to be too hot to touch.  You may want to consider using DECO Teeny,teeny bulbs.


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