Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to make a lighted wine bottle lamp kit with deco lights

Making your own lighted wine bottle light  is lots of fun and easy to do. If you have a favorite wine bottle with a nice picture and you would like to insert lights this wine bottle light kit gives you all necessary  parts plus easy to follow instructions. You will love the new Deco super bright teeny bulbs. 
This lamp making kit includs the following:
(1) 3/8inch diamond drill bit with How To Drill a Hole in a Wine Bottle.
(1) String of 20  Deco  super bright teeny clear bulbs on a brown wire
(1) small pack of "Silly Putty"  Needed to drill hole in bottle.
(1) black Plastic snap-in grommnet. to protect wire from hole in bottle
Included with your purchase is some additional tips & information that I wrote that you may find of interest.

How to Drill a Hole in a Wine Bottle
How to Drill a Hole in a Glass Block

How To Drill a Hole in a Bottle
Tips for Inserting Deco Teenty lights in Your Bottle

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