Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make A Lighted Wine Bottle Lamp

Would you like to make your own lighted wine bottle light?  They are really fun and easy to make. I have put together a complete lighted wine bottle Kit...It has:
1 3/8 inch diamond drill bit with drilling instructions.
1 set of deco 20 count multi-colored teeny brights bulbs. (I prefer the teeny bulbs because they burn cooler,brighter and can be inserted with only a 3/8 inch hole in your bottle)
1 3/8" white snap in gromment (protect the lamp cord)
1 small pack of "silly Putty" used to hold water when drilling your hole.
If you should decide to make additional bottle lights your 3/8" diamond bit should be good for 25 to 30 bottles and the "Silly Putty" can be used over & over.
You would only need to order additional Deco bulbs,(multi-colored or Clear) & gromments.

Included with your purchase is some additional tips & information that I wrote that you may find of interest.
How to Drill a Hole in a Wine Bottle
How to drill a hole in a glass block
Tips for Inserting DECO light bulbs
Special prices on additional size diamond bits & DECO Craft Lights

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