Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wine bottle lights DECO LED 4mm rice bulbs

4mm Rice bulbs, 20 count , multi-color on 8.5 ft.  green wire.  4mm is just a tad smaller than 3/8 inch. (about the size of a bean) These are excellent for  brightness and are cooler burning than the standard Christmas tree lights . They can be easily inserted through a 1/2 inch hole . A good choice for lighted wine bottle lamps or lighted glass blocks. An excellent set of lights to enhance any floral or craft project. Some important features are:
Straight line( no end connector),  Bulbs remain lit even if one goes out,  Durable wire, Safety fuse plug,  8.5ft. lamp cord. Over the past few years many wine bottle and glass block designers have switched from the strand of Christmas style lights to Deco Crystal bright lights. You may want to accent some of your craft projects with Decolights.
Included with your purchase is some additional tips & information that I wrote that you may find of interest.
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