Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tips For Insertin Deco Teeny,Teeny bulbs into your wine bottle


Tips for Inserting DecoTeenty lights In Your Bottle.



Drill your hole in the back side of your bottle. Follow Instructions.

Rinse bottle and dry. You may want to dry it in a warm oven.

Thread your string of Deco Bulbs through one of the snap-in plastic grommets.

Insert Deco bulbs into bottle. Turn bottle neck down and shake bottle so the lights are more evenly distributed. I will often tie a short piece of fishing line near the terminal end of the lights and pull the bulbs up a little tighter in the neck of the bottle. The bottle cork will keep the line tight. If not using a bottle cork you would have to try a little speck of glue to the inside of the bottle neck. What often happens is the lights over time will settle down lower in the bottle leaving the top half with few bulbs.

The Clear Teeny super bright bulbs look really great in the dark colored bottles. Using clear bottles you may want to try multi-colored bulbs.

Be sure to use Darice Deco Teeny bulbs when drilling a 3/8 inch hole. Many string lights have a standard socket which is the same size as standard Christmas lights. If you using the larger bulbs you will need a ½  or 5/8 inch hole.  

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