Friday, April 11, 2014

3/8 inch (10 mm) diamond drill bits.

3/8 inch (10mm) Diamond Drill Bits.


This is a new 3/8 inch diamond drill bit that is specially recommended for drilling holes in wine bottles or glass blocks. These diamond drill bits are also suitable for drilling holes in glass, ceramics, title, marble and granite.  All diamond drill bits require that you use water as a lubricant. A 3/8 inch hole in your  lighted wine bottle is gaining in popularity with lighted wine bottle designers. You will find that lighted wine bottles on display at your local craft show often use DECO Teeny, Teeny bulbs rather  than the standard incandescent  Christmas string lights.  DECO Teeny, Teeny bulbs burn very bright and most important, are much, much cooler. Drilling a 3/8 inch hole is a little easier, plus a 3/8inch plastic snap in grommets are available to protect your lamp wire and gives your lighted wine bottle a more professional finished look. 


Included with the purchase of one of my diamond drill bits are a few tips and suggestions that may be of help to you.


Step by step instructions for drilling holes in bottles.

Summary for making your lighted wine bottle

Tips for inserting Deco Teeny, Teeny  bulbs into your bottle.

A list of special prices for lighted wine bottle supplies.

Making lighted wine bottles for profit

Directions for making a wine bottle table (night lite) lamps.

Make a bottle incense smoker.


Single 3/8 inch diamond bit       $8.00

Two for $ 13.00

No additional cost for first class mailing.

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