Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mother's Day wine bottle lamp kit

Make lighted wine bottle lamps for MOTHER'S Day or  Christmas. Friends love them and they are fun to SELL. They are an attractive accent  for any room in the house. They are easy and fun to make. My complete wine bottle lamp making kit gives you everything you need except the wine bottle. Included in this kit are the following.

(1) 1/2 inch diamond bit with drilling instructions.

(1) string of Deco 20  count  4mm clear  bulbs on 8ft white wire ( you will love these 4mm size bulbs,they burn bright & longer and cooler). smaller than the standard Christmas lights.A pack of "silly Putty" included

(1black)  grommets to protect lamp cord

Included with your purchase is some additional tips & information that I wrote that you may find of interest.

Step-by-step instructions for Drilling Holes in Bottles
A quick summary for making a lighted wine bottle
Special prices for additional Diamond bits & DECO bulbs
Tips for inserting DECO craft lights in your bottle
Make a wine or whiskey bottle table lamp

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