Monday, April 7, 2014

Mason Jar lamp


1.            one pint light blue Mason Jar pre-drilled with a 3/8 inch hole.

2.            8. ft. white lamp cord .

3.            Pre-wired standard light socket.

4.            One standard light socket reducer (you may want to use a candelabra size bulb).

5.            A set of DECO Teeny, Teeny  Multi-colored bulbs.(wired to socket base)


What you need to do:


1.            Fill the mason jar with one of your favorite accent items.(sea shell, marbles, wine bottle corks, buttons, beach stones, thread spools, potpourri).

2.            Spread the Deco Teeny lights among the content of your mason jar.

3.            Buy a 4 inch lamp shade that will complement your lamp or room.

4.            Apply your favorite Fragrance Scent.

5.                If using wax scent cubes just un- screw jar ring and place under jar lid .

6.                If using fragrance oil just squirt a few drips threw jar top.(your will need to add new scent cubes or scented oil every so often).

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